Friday, August 19, 2022

Andrei Arlovski Doesn’t Understand Fighters Complaints About UFC 232 Move

Andrei Arlovski doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about surrounding the UFC 232 relocation. The only thing Arlovski is feeling about the UFC’s last-minute decision is gratitude. Andrei Arlovski will be taking on Walt Harris in the featured FS1 prelim, and he’s glad the UFC ensured that the show will go on, even if in a different setting than originally planned (Transcript via

“I’m absolutely happy,” Arlovski told MMAjunkie about the UFC’s decision to move UFC 232 to Los Angeles. “I’m happy first of all that the show wasn’t canceled. Even moved to LA, it’s like, at the end of the day, all fighters are fighting to make money, so I’m happy. Thanks Dana White, thanks UFC, thank you guys for coming. We’re going to have a great show on Saturday.”

Andrei Arlovski is aware, however, that not everybody shares his good spirit. But that does not means he understands them:

“I understand it’s bad for fans, for MMA fans,” Arlovski said. “But I don’t understand why fighters are bitching. Like, it’s definitely better to fight and make some money than to cancel the whole show, and you don’t know when you’re going to fight. So, I’m happy.”

“Of course it would be better to fight in Vegas because a lot of people bought tickets to come to Vegas to support, and not all of them can change tickets to come to LA, but listen, like I said, you have to be selfish and you have to fight and you have to make money,” he added “I’m a responsible person. I have family, so I have to pay bills. It’s better to fight than not fight.”

Do you agree with Andrei Arlovski? Are the fighters crybabies for complaining about the UFC’s decision to move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles?

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