Monday, October 3, 2022

Anthony Smith Responds to Dominick Reyes’s Ducking Claim

Dominick Reyes and Anthony Smith are the two biggest prospects in the light heavyweight division right now as far as buzz and new blood in the new-blood thirsty division. With Jon Jones scheduled to face Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 for the right to be called the new light heavyweight champion, there are lots of changes taking place at 205, and these two scrappers are right there in the center of the conversation of “what’s new?”. Monday evening, Dominick Reyes made the first move of breaking the ice in the “Dominick Reyes vs. Anthony Smith” conversation on Twitter by making it public that he had already been rejected:

“Hey @lionheartsmith, I was told u turned me down for a #1 contender fight in Jan/233 bc ur hand’s sore,” the Tweet reads. “So I guess you HAVE excuses. Heal up, let’s do it in Feb or March, you pick! I’m gonna test that “lionheart”! ?

It did not take long for Anthony Smith to respond to Reyes’ public accusation:

“Hey, DUMB-anick: Lesson ONE: Don’t turn down fights w/Blachowicz & Manuwa then pretend you want to fight me. Makes you look both afraid and thirsty.”

Smith would then go on to provide a second “lesson” to Dominick Reyes, which began with Mr. Smith explaining why Reyes is marked absent from the roll call of would-be opponents:

“Lesson TWO: Your name ain’t Jones or Gus, last I checked.”

What are your thoughts on this exchange between Dominick Reyes and Anthony Smith?

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