Friday, August 19, 2022

Brendan Schaub: Jeff Novitzky Is No Longer The Face Of USADA

Brendan Schaub believes Jeff Novitzky has lost trust as the UFC‘s VP of Athlete Health and Performance.

A trace amount of turinabol was found in Jon Jones‘ system ahead of UFC 232. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) determined that this was the result of a pulsing effect and not a recent dosage. Novitzky claimed that Jones did nothing wrong and that moving UFC 232 to Los Angeles was the right thing to do as the Nevada State Athletic Commission wouldn’t clear Jones to compete in Las Vegas.

Schaub Says Novitzky Has Lost Trust

During a recent edition of his Below The Belt podcast, Schaub talked about the UFC 232 situation and how it has impacted Novitzky’s credibility (via

“You’re crazy if you think [USADA] is the end all be all [of drug testing] and they’re just doing what’s best for the sport. Somewhere along the lines, Jeff Novitzky went from the golden snitch to the golden rat and he became an employee of the UFC. And now he has an office in the UFC building. So when guys fail tests, who do you think finds out about it first? That being said, when Dana and Novitzky come out together…you shouldn’t look at this as, ‘Oh, he’s the representative of USADA and Dana’s the representative of the UFC,’ No. You should look at this as this is the UFC talking to you to try and play damage control on this situation. Jeff Novitzky is no longer the face of USADA. Meaning he is no longer the guy we hold in that high regard. You can no longer trust what he says.”

Do you believe the UFC 232 fiasco has damaged Jeff Novitzky’s reputation?

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