Thursday, September 29, 2022

Brent Primus Says Michael Chandler Made Things Personal Ahead Of Bellator 212

Brent Primus feels a rematch with Michael Chandler means more than a title defense.

Back in June 2017, Primus earned a first-round TKO victory over Chandler to capture the Bellator lightweight championship. The TKO was the result of a leg injury. Primus said the injury was caused by his leg kicks, while Chandler claimed he planted his feet at the wrong angle. This sparked a feud between the two and Chandler has gone as far as to say he wants to inflict bodily harm on Primus as if it’s a purge.

Brent Primus Believes Michael Chandler Has Crossed A Line

Primus hasn’t taken too kindly to Chandler’s verbal tirade. He told reporters in Hawaii that things have gotten personal (via

“All the stuff he’s been talking, all the lying, all the controversy, it is (personal), man. I want to get in there and prove that it wasn’t a mistake – and he knows that it wasn’t, too – so I’m excited. Literally, I was so scared that I heard that he might be going to another organization because his contract was up, and I was literally praying that he stays with Bellator, and I’m just really excited that he’s staying. We can get in there and get it done.”

MMA News will provide live coverage of Bellator 212 tomorrow night. Be sure to join us for a live stream of the prelims as well as live results. Be on the lookout today for Bellator 212 weigh-in results.

Let’s see your predictions, who walks out of Bellator 212 as the lightweight champion?

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