Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Chael Sonnen: It Appears Jon Jones Isn’t A Snitch

Chael Sonnen has often been critical of Jon Jones on many fronts, including unleashing an extensive string of one-liners via Twitter directed at Jones earlier this year. There is one thing that Chael Sonnen is not calling Jon Jones, though, that many others are: a snitch. On Sonnen’s YouTube Channel, “The Bad Guy” made his thoughts clear on the Jon Jones “substantial assistance” matter and absolved Jones of the snitchi moniker thrust upon him:

“It would certainly appear in hindsight that a deal was made because of a clause that apparently exists within the bylaws that say, if you want to snitch and rat out other people, you can get more of a reduced sentence,” Sonnen said. “It would appear, as time has gone by, that they were able to activate that clause without actually making him do it. It does not appear that Jon Jones has snitched on anybody.

“And whether he didn’t have the info or he did have the info and did snitch but it wasn’t enough info for them to actually prosecute and move forward…I don’t know. But whatever was done is certainly already done. I mean, now that it’s known that Jon Jones will be an informant for USADA, it’s not as though he is going to be around the circle when some of these ill-fated conversations are taking place.”

Jon Jones himself recently scoffed at the label of “snitch” when asked about it recently. And Sonnen believes that if Jones were deserving of this label, we would have seen the fruits of his snitching labor by now:

“We haven’t seen anybody go down,’ Sonnen said. “We haven’t. And we all speculated that he would have had to go outside of the world of mixed martial arts. Him being the biggest fish in the sea, he can’t shoot down. That’s not how those deals are made.  So it was speculated and believed…and somebody even questioned him on it, and he went as far as to say, ‘I did not snitch on anybody in mixed martial arts.’ He said that, which led you to believe that it was football…led you to believe it was the football players because he’s got a couple of brothers.

“…He didn’t give them anything. That’s what it appears. There has not been any headlines of anybody going down or even an investigation that’s underway that could ever be tied back to Jon.”

While it is possible that the lack of headlines is due to the new drug testing policy that does not report on fighter sanctions until the close of the investigation, it is unknown of when exactly the substantial assistance deal between Jones and USADA was placed and Sonnen’s logic may have some substance to it in its own right.

What do you think of Chael Sonnen’s logic? Is Jon Jones most likely not a snitch because of the lack of doping violations made public that can be tied back to him?

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