Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Colby Covington Says All Nick Diaz Can Do Is Sniff Coke & Beat Women

Colby Covington has some more choice words for Nick Diaz.

Covington hasn’t been shy in ragging on others whether a fighter is in his weight class or not. One fighter who has been on the receiving end of some scathing verbal digs is Diaz. Covington has called the Stockton Native just about every insult in the book and is cutting deep once again.

Colby Covington Puts Nick Diaz On Blast

“Chaos” had a lot to say during his appearance on BJPenn Radio. Covington blasted Diaz over a domestic violence charge, which was dropped:

“He’s trying to keep his name in the headlines, get some media, get a couple of extra Instagram followers. He ain’t here to fight man, he’s done, he’s washed up. He can’t even fight anymore. When’s the last time he got a win? Like last generation? Last decade? No one gives a f*ck about him anymore. He’s out partying in Vegas, doing lines of coke, beating up chicks because he ain’t beating up no guys. That’s all he can do is beat up chicks. So we’ve got the little Stockton, little p*ssy, ain’t doing sh*t no more.”

Covington’s next bout is up in the air. He was once considered a shoe-in to be the next challenger for Tyron Woodley’s UFC welterweight championship. UFC president Dana White has appeared to sour on that idea and wants Kamaru Usman to get the next 170-pound title opportunity. Usman even recently posted a bout agreement.

Do you care if Nick Diaz returns, or are you tired of hearing about him?

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