Sunday, August 7, 2022

Cris Cyborg Takes A Spill Doing ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge (Video)

It appears Cris Cyborg was in her feelings a little too much.

Next Saturday night (Dec. 29), Cyborg will defend her Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s featherweight title against women’s bantamweight queen Amanda Nunes. It’ll be Cyborg’s third title defense. The bout is scheduled to serve as UFC 232‘s co-main event.

Cris Cyborg Takes A Fall

Rapper and singer Drake has made a bevy of hits that top the Billboard charts. One of those songs, “In My Feelings” has become a popular challenge on the Internet. Video recently surfaced of Cyborg doing the challenge, but things went south when she hopped out of a shopping cart. Rather than landing on her feet, Cyborg hit the concrete.

Popular GIF maker ZombieProphet brought the clip to light. Both ZombieProphet and the uploader claim that the fight could be in jeopardy. Many have pointed out that the “In My Feelings” challenge is already old despite the fact that the song was released in July. It’s possible that this could be an older clip and it was just released now.

Cyborg recently tweeted out the following:

Cyborg’s training partner Don Madge also posted this:

Madge later retweeted an article on Cyborg’s fall. Whether or not Cyborg and her training partner are just playing things up remains to be seen. Stick with MMA News for the latest updates on UFC 232.

What do you think? Will this video clip turn out to be nothing serious, or have the MMA Gods failed us once more?

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