Friday, August 19, 2022

Cris Cyborg & Amanda Nunes Exchange Words Over Nine-Month Wait

Cris Cyborg still isn’t over the fact that she couldn’t face Amanda Nunes sooner.

Next Saturday night (Dec. 29), Cyborg will put her Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s featherweight title on the line against Nunes. “The Lioness” is the reigning women’s bantamweight title holder, but she’s stepping up in weight class in an attempt to become the first female two-division champion in UFC history.

Cris Cyborg & Amanda Nunes Go Back-And-Forth

A conference call was recently held for UFC 232. During the conference call, Nunes was asked if she felt not enough promotional effort was being put forward for her “super fight” against Cyborg. She responded with the following:

“Honestly, I’m not worried about that. I worry about the fight, you know? This fight, the
result is going to be, is going to give me the thing that I really want. And I’m not worried about anything else, if they want to promote, who they want to promote, I don’t care. I’m focusing right now to make history you know what I mean? And it’s the only thing that I think right now. Whatever they want to do with the promotion, they feel free to do you know?”

Cyborg didn’t like that answer as she still resents the fact that she didn’t face Nunes sooner:

“Just to answer Amanda, you know, Amanda said she don’t care about promotion but she said she wanted nine months for training so UFC can have time for promotion. This sounds funny for me.”

Nunes didn’t shy away from giving a response:

“This is for training – not about promotion. When you have time for training you don’t think
about a promotion.”

A video surfaced earlier today, which had fight fans gasping. Cyborg attempted to do the “In My Feelings” challenge, but hit the concrete after hopping out of a shopping cart. Nothing has surfaced since to indicate that her title bout is in jeopardy or even if the clip was recorded recently. If anything new pops up, MMA News will let you know about it.

Do you think Cris Cyborg has a point, or is she crying over spilled milk?

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