Sunday, September 25, 2022

Dana White Gets Testy With Reporters Over Rachael Ostovich

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White is already tired of the questions surrounding the promotion’s decision to book Greg Hardy on the same card that Rachael Ostovich is fighting on.

Many are calling White and the UFC “tone-deaf” over the decision. The issue lies with the fact that Ostovich’s husband Arnold Berdon was arrested and released on bail for second-degree felony assault. Berdon is accused of assaulting Ostovich. Hardy was found guilty of domestic violence charges back in 2014, but they were expunged from his record as the victim failed to show up in court to testify.

Dana White Upset Over Rachael Ostovich Questions

White recently spoke to reporters during a scrum ahead of UFC 231. When the topic of Ostovich and Hardy was brought up, White wasn’t thrilled (via

“So we’ve been building this ESPN card for a while, and he was one of the guys we had planned on putting on that card. But no it wasn’t booked [at the same time]. Then she came off the card.

“I’m not gonna talk about Greg Hardy anymore. I already covered this. I’m not playing this bullsh*t with you guys. He’s on the UFC roster. He’s on the UFC roster. Period, end of story. He’s on the roster.

“Listen! You guys want to be sensitive about sh*t, anybody can be sensitive about anything. You can make an issue about everything. The weird thing is you guys give a f*ck…but she doesn’t. She doesn’t care. You know what she said yesterday in her statement? ‘Please stop asking me about this. I want to focus on training. I don’t want this to be an issue for me. I don’t know this guy. This guy has nothing to do with me. I have nothing to do with this guy. This guy’s never done anything to me.’”

Here’s the video courtesy of ESPN (Ostovich comments begin around 4:38 mark):

White claimed he called Ostovich before Hardy was officially booked for UFC Brooklyn. He said that Ostovich was “totally cool” with being on the same card as Hardy.

Do you agree with Dana White here, or is he just in damage control?

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