Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dana White: ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Moving to UFC Fight Pass For Now

UFC president Dana White confirmed just days ago that 'The Ultimate Fighter' would live on past season 28 and now he's announced plans for the show to air on UFC Fight Pass

Dana White just can’t quit ‘The Ultimate Fighter’.

The reality show that is credited with helping to save the UFC back in 2005 has seen dwindling ratings over the past few years while airing on FOX Sports 1 but the series has still managed to produce a number of top contenders.

It’s likely for that reason that the UFC president has always thrown his support behind ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and why the show will continue even without a television partner.

White announced this week when speaking TSN in Canada that ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ will move forward in 2019 and beyond but as of right now the show won’t be included in the package of original programming headed to ESPN.

“No but we will continue to do ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and put it on Fight Pass,” White revealed. “As of right now, it possible could be on TV, but right now [it will be on UFC Fight Pass]. The new facility is being designed for ‘The Ultimate Fighter’.”

The new facility is a massive campus adjacent to the current UFC headquarters being built in Las Vegas that will be able to house live fights such as ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ or Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.

Rather than pay rent for a space in Las Vegas, the UFC has opted to essentially build a facility of their own where they can put on smaller live fight cards as well as house a production studio that will allow the promotion to do everything necessary to build and market a card right at home.

White said that construction on the new UFC campus is already underway and while he didn’t give a timeline, he expects work to be finished in the near future.

Once that facility is up and running, it’s likely ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ will resume production for season 29 and beyond in 2019.

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