Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dana White Hopes To Have Zuffa Boxing Announcements In Next Few Months

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White wants to have some Zuffa Boxing announcements sometime in the spring or summer.

Ever since the buildup towards last year’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor showdown, White has been teasing Zuffa Boxing. White grabbed the attention of reporters and fans by wearing a Zuffa Boxing shirt, but he remained silent about it throughout the tour.

Dana White Pushes Forward With Zuffa Boxing

White recently appeared on ESPN’s First Take. He told Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman that Zuffa Boxing is indeed still in the works and he gave a time frame on when he’d like to make some announcements:

“Absolutely, 100 percent and we’re working on that right now as we speak. And I’ll probably have some announcements in hopefully the next four, five months. Listen, I can do anything better than Oscar De La Hoya believe me. We’re gonna be competing with you too big guy. And there’s plenty of other organizations out there. If you’re a young fighter and you’re up-and-coming all you have to do is look at this guy, talk to this guy … there’s plenty of places to go than to be with Oscar De La Hoya. He’s an idiot.”

Earlier this year, White admitted that there have been some initial roadblocks for Zuffa Boxing to get off the ground. White ensured, however that opportunities will continue to arise and that he will capitalize on them to get back into the boxing business.

Do you think Dana White will find success with Zuffa Boxing?

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