Saturday, August 13, 2022

Eddie Alvarez Says There Should be no Grey Areas For Banned Substances

Former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez took to social media to state his views on the whole situation with Jon Jones and UFC 232. At yesterday’s press conference, Jon Jones seemed to cite the picogram of turinabol in his system as his defense for being cleared because of how small it is said to be. Using the example of a grain of salt being broken into smaller pieces to accentuate how minuscule the finding should be seen.

Not to a fighter like Alvarez, who was recognized by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as a clean fighter last May. In recognizing Alvarez, USADA pushed a “follow my lead” campaign for other fighters to fight clean and stay that way. While Alvarez is no longer with the UFC, he still believes in fighting clean and said in his posts on Twitter that, “Zero should be the amount of drugs allowed  in a fighters system at all times.”

A picogram is said to be 0.000 000 000 001 grams but for Alvarez, that is still too much and using the reasoning of it being so small makes for grey areas that should not be allowed in combat sports. Combat sports is fighting and that is what separates it from other sports as the intention to win is controlled violence no matter how much regulation is implemented. Alvarez continued on social media to say, “Grey areas are created to leave No one at all accountable,” and reiterated, “zero is the magic number for the amount of drugs allowed.”

Eddie Alvarez left the UFC in October and has signed with ONE Championship to fight in their lightweight division. He scheduled to make his ONE Championship debut on March 31 at the promotion’s “New Era”, event when they take the promotion to Japan.

Do you agree with Alvarez on having zero tolerance?

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