Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Floyd Mayweather Jr Reminds Us Who the A-Side is

Floyd Mayweather Jr hosted a small press conference at his boxing gym in Las Vegas yesterday to promote his upcoming exhibition match with Tenshin Nasukawa at RIZIN 14. It is important to note that his gym is specifically a boxing gym considering the point of the press conference was to let fans know the rules they would be competing under, important for Mayweather to note anyway.

The back and forth when the bout was announced at the beginning of November had the match being off due to a misunderstanding, then back on again when Mayweather clarified things weeks after. When he said the bout was back on he did say it would be under the rules of boxing, “light boxing” according to Mayweather.

However, when asked why he would not fight under the rules of kickboxing Mayweather seemed to get a little defensive at the suggestion he does anything other than what he built his career on. Local Las Vegas reporter Amber Dixon asked, “Why not allow him to kickbox” To which Mayweather replied, “…please” motioning her to stop.

He then felt the need to point out that his gym is a boxing gym and remind Dixon that he is a boxer.

“Am I a kickboxer or am I a boxer?” Mayweather asked, and then underlined the statement by telling Dixon his famous “A-side” philosophy.

“I’m going to say this once again. Everything is on my terms; I’m the A-side, always.” –Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Dixon reminded Mayweather of his Instagram post where he stepped into an MMA cage and teased that he would consider an MMA match to which he responded, “you see a lot of bullsh*t on Instagram.” Mayweather said that if he ever did fight in a cage, it would be “boxing only.”

Even with the two competitor’s records not being affected by the outcome of the match, someone will win and someone will lose.

Do you think this will be a competitive boxing match?

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