Thursday, August 11, 2022

Patricio Freire On Michael Chandler: I’ll Fight This Guy On The Street

Patricio Freire is hoping to get his hands on Michael Chandler.

Freire and Chandler have two things in common. They’re both champions and both are regarded as the top “homegrown” stars for Bellator. Yet, these two can’t stand each other. Freire has hurled steroid allegations Chandler’s way, while Chandler recently said “Pitbull” is all bark and no bite.

Patricio Freire Says Things Are Personal With Michael Chandler

Freire recently spoke to He said that if Bellator won’t book a fight between himself and Chandler, then things may spill outside the cage:

“I don’t harbor any desire to fight anyone in the promotion. But if they said, ‘Who do you want to fight?’ I want to fight Michael Chandler. I’ll fight this guy even if it’s on the street. I still have to settle this with him. My thing with him isn’t about fighting, my thing with him is personal. If Bellator wants to do that fight with rules, in a cage, even better. But, if we don’t settle that, there will be trouble in the street. He talked too much crap already.”

Chandler captured the Bellator lightweight title a third time when he defeated Brent Primus in their rematch. Chandler had a dominant performance as Primus had no answer for the takedowns. Featherweight champion Freire was unimpressed.

To add some more fire to this feud, Chandler has two wins over Patricio’s brother Patricky. In their last outing, Chandler knocked out Patricky which only intensified the bad blood with Patricio.

Will 2019 be the year we get to see Patricio Freire vs. Michael Chandler?

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