Friday, June 24, 2022

Greg Hardy Opponent Criticizes Controversial UFC Booking Decision

What was probably the biggest talking point yesterday on MMA Twitter was the UFC’s decision to book Greg Hardy’s debut for UFC on ESPN 1, the same card as Rachael Ostovich, who recently suffered a fractured orbital bone after a domestic dispute with her husband and professional fighter, Arnold Berdon. While it is possible that the UFC simply wanted another big name for the event to draw more eyes to the first UFC on ESPN event, the most vocal reaction seemed to be that of astonishment and disgust. Even Greg Hardy’s opponent for the event, Allen Crowder, is not a fan of the UFC’s decision to book the fight on the same card as Ostovich:

“The UFC, they’re all about making that money, and I highly doubt whoever done this thought about her,” Crowder told MMAjunkie. “There is a chance they didn’t think about her, and that’s just totally wrong, especially after what she just went through.

“Really, it’s up to me to put a stop to what they’re trying to do and set a good example and show you’re not supposed to beat women, and give him a good lesson learned.”

Although Allen Crowder finds the UFC’s oversight to be “totally wrong,” he is looking forward to fighting in Brooklyn and teaching Greg Hardy a lesson:

“It’s working out good for me,” Crowder said. “I need this fight, and I really want to fight in Brooklyn. I wouldn’t change the card. I’d love to give the ass-whooping he’s about to get.”

“You’re a professional athlete,” Crowder said of Greg Hardy, “and you’re setting a bad example for kids and everyone else who looks up to you,” he said.

Do you think Greg Hardy being put on the same card as Rachael Ostovich is a poor decision?

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