Sunday, September 25, 2022

GSP Explains How Defending UFC Title Is Harder Than Winning One

Georges St-Pierre believes defending an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title is more difficult than winning one.

St-Pierre knows a thing or two about being a reigning UFC welterweight champion. “Rush” successfully defended the UFC gold nine times before going on a hiatus. Upon his return, he challenged Michael Bisping for the middleweight title. St-Pierre captured the 185-pound gold, but he vacated it the following month.

GSP Talks Defending A Title vs. Winning One

St-Pierre recently appeared on SiriusXM Rush 93’s “The Luke Thomas Show.” St-Pierre explained why he feels defending a UFC title surpasses the difficulty of winning one (via

“I think taking [on] contenders is the hardest thing, and I’m gonna tell you why. Because when you are the champion, you are the target. Everybody is looking at you, everybody is studying your game. So, everything you do, everybody has seen it before. When you are coming as a contender- you’re the contender, you’re challenging the champion- it’s like the guy is looking at you for maybe a few months… which, when you’re champion, people are studying your game every day of your reign. Every guy that comes up, their dream is to beat you. So they know your game, sometimes better than you know yourself. So, for that reason, it’s a different perspective.”

St-Pierre was last seen in action back in Nov. 2017. While “Rush” hasn’t committed to retirement, he believes the timing and circumstances have to be right in order to return to the Octagon.

Are you more impressed when fighters win a world title, or when they’ve defended it over the course of time?

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