Thursday, October 6, 2022

Joe Rogan Comments On Potential 165-Pound Division In UFC

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentary Joe Rogan recently gave his take on how the UFC can go about adding a 165-pound weight class.

The addition of a 165-pound division in the UFC continues to be a hot topic. Many fighters have expressed interest in the division including Kevin Lee, Rafael dos Anjos, Ben Askren, Michael Chiesa, and others. UFC president Dana White has made it clear that he’s against the idea.

Joe Rogan Talks 165-Pound Division

Former UFC fighter Josh Thomson recently claimed that he got word the UFC will be replacing the flyweight division with the 165-pound weight class. White denies it, but that didn’t stop Rogan from talking about the possibility on the JRE MMA Show (via

“Well, Josh Thomson just said recently that he thinks the UFC is getting rid of the 125-pound division and they are going to put on a 165-pound division. Which I think is very interesting. If (The UFC) do a 165, then I would like them to switch 170 to 175lbs. I think that is wise. I don’t think it would be wise to have a 165 and a 170. But I do think a 165 and 175 is great.”

White’s argument against adding the weight class is that fighters who couldn’t cut it at an elite level at 170 pounds will just move down in hopes of getting a UFC title. Those who want the division added say that it’ll give competitors too small for welterweight and too big for lightweight a new home.

Do you think Dana White will eventually cave and add the 165-pound weight class?

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