Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Jon Jones Chastises Pedophile MMA Reporter Iain Kidd

Last weekend, it was revealed that former Bloody Elbow reporter Iain Kidd pled guilty to charges relating to the downloading and possession of 984 images and 496 videos of child pornography. After the news became public, Bloody Elbow released the following statement:

“On Friday, Bloody Elbow became aware of news reports linking one of our writers to criminal activities including possession of child pornography. As a result, Bloody Elbow and SB Nation terminated his contract that same day.

SB Nation and Bloody Elbow strongly condemn the types of activities reported and encourage our readers and listeners to visit Protect Children in Canada, Stop It Now in Scotland, and Darkness 2 Light in the United States for more information to support victims.”

Monday, another statement was released, this time by none other than Jon “Bones” Jones, who had a particular interest in these shocking revelations:

“Bloody Elbow reporter and one of my biggest critics Iain Kidd receives only six months of probation for having over 1000 pictures and videos of Child Pornography. On top of this he lives in the Hillington part of Glasgow, Scotland NEXT TO 3 SCHOOLS! Take a look at his face ladies and gentlemen. Those are the eyes of a true Predator!”

Iain Kidd was able to avoid jail time in exchange for being sentenced to a Community Payback Order, a Restriction of Liberty Order, and be registered as sex offenders for a period of three years. Kidd also is not allowed any contact with any children under the age of 16.

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