Friday, August 12, 2022

Jon Jones Claps Back at Alexander Gustafsson After Latest Shot

Jon Jones is known for many things: Being the winningest light heavyweight in UFC history, constantly being in compromising and controversial situations, and also responding to his peers who criticize him, especially if he has a past with the individual.

Such is the case with one Alexander Gustafsson, who joined Daniel Cormier in chiming in on Jon Jones’s latest “controversial situation” on Sunday. After UFC 232 was moved from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada to The Forum in Los Angeles, California due to an “atypical” drug test resulting from traces of turinabol found in Jon Jones’s system, Alexander Gustafsson could not resist but to publicly laugh at Jones’s circumstances:

“Now we all understand why u didn’t take the Wada test! U can be on rocket fuel, I’ll still gonna finish u Jon!



Jon Jones initially laughed off the dig by Gustafsson:

“Lol sure bud”

But oftentimes people wish they could go back in time and respond differently in an argument, thinking to themselves, “I wish I would have said that!” With the benefit of social media, Jon Jones would have the ability to return to the conversation hours later with a more measured retort:

“Bro I took your best punches that first fight, at no point was I phased or dazed by any of them, you were seconds from being TKO’d in the fourth round. You’re delusional! #AndStill”

In only five days, only one of these two elite combatants will get the last word.

What’s your take on this exchange between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson ahead of UFC 232?

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