Sunday, August 14, 2022

Jon Jones Literally Ups the Ante on Daniel Cormier Challenge, Cormier Accepts

It should come as no surprise that today’s news of Jon Jones’s latest run-in with USADA has only upped the temperature of the already reignited flames of Jon Jones’s and Daniel Cormier’s feud.

Earlier today, news broke that UFC 232 will be moved from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada to The Forum in Los Angeles, California after the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) declined to license Jon Jones for his scheduled main event against Alexander Gustafsson due to traces of turinabol being found in Jones’s system from a USADA-administered drug test from earlier this month. One of the first and most vocal people to speak on this controversy was bitter nemesis of Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, who wasted no time in ridiculing Jones once more, with other names caught in the crossfire:

“USADA= joke

Jeff Novitzky= joke

Andy Foster= joke

A pinch of turinabol in a Olympic size pool from 2017 that stays in [your] system for 18 months = joke

NSAC you’re cool.”

Jon Jones quickly responded on Instagram:

“I could slap your wife on the ass and you could literally do nothing about it. You’re my bitch DC, that will never change…funny how you’re giving me two posts but said nothing when I asked you to come get your belt back.”

Danierl Cormier then returned fire:


“You couldn’t do shit you steroid abusing Junkie! I swear I would never touch ur wife’s flat ass lol. And I didn’t respond I’m not helping you sell ur bum ass fight you drug abusing steroid cheat. Fuck you!”

That seemed to be the end of the latest round between the two enemies. But Jon Jones’s response on Twitter would revert back to a challenge made to Daniel Cormier earlier this week, with Jones agreeing to donate $100,000 to a San Diego charity if Daniel Cormier agreed to be his next opponent. Only now, Jones has, quite literally, upped the ante:

The tweet contains a GIF of Daniel Cormier crying following his UFC 214 loss (now ruled a no contest) to Jon Jones, with the following caption:

“Thanks for the laugh,” Jones said in his retweet of the fan who provided the GIF. “I needed that night. $150,000 to any charity in Lafayette if he accepts my challenge. Let’s see if his IG stops working again ?”

UPDATE: Daniel Cormier has responded to Jones’s challenge, accepting the hypothetical fight…with stipulations:

“Keep the money, more stringent drug testing and no excuses or mishaps and I’ll give 125,000 to charity in Lafayette and 125,000 to a charity in San Jose. You just pay for the drug testing!”

What do make of what may very well be the most heated back-and-forth exchange between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier to date?

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