Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Jon Jones Unveils Secret Weapon to Finishing Gustafsson at UFC 232

Jon Jones is on the record of saying on multiple occasions that his unanimous decision victory over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 was only as narrow as it was because he did not take Gustafsson seriously at the time and came into the fight unprepared:

“A lot of people feel like he beat me the first time we fought, which didn’t happen, it was close, but he didn’t beat me,” Jones told RT Sport earlier this year. “The first time I fought him, I wasn’t living life the way a champion should be living life.

“I didn’t train very hard for that fight, I’m not making excuses, but this is just the truth, I could have given it a lot more effort, I got fatigued after the first two rounds, which is something that never normally happens in my fights, so I feel like the next time I fight him, I will finish him.”

Earlier today, Jon Jones took a moment to interact with fans on social media and share with his followers the secret weapon he believes will ensure that his promise of “finishing” Gustafsson will come true at UFC 232:

“I’m here with one of my main training partners for this camp,” Jones said in the now deleted Instagram video with his training partner to his left. “His name is Leo, aka this is my Alexander Gustafsson. Leo is from Russia. He is one of the top boxers in the country. He’s ranked third in the country right now and is preparing for the (2020) Olympics.

“Anyways, this guy is a way, way better boxer than Alexander Gustafsson, and he has prepared me so well for any combination Gus has to throw, and I do believe I’ll be finishing this fight.”

Jon Jones then took the time to give his fans encouraging words about his status in the final weeks leading into the highly anticipated rematch:

“Right now, I weigh 219 pounds. I’m extremely light. I feel faster than ever. I feel like my endurance is stronger than ever. And I am very well rehearsed, unlike the first time I fought Alexander Gustafsson.

Do you believe Jon Jones will finish Alexander Gustafsson in the UFC 232 main event?

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