Friday, September 30, 2022

Junior dos Santos Questions Why Brock Lesnar Is A Draw

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is currently riding high after TKO victory over Tai Tuivasa at UFC Adelaide. Of course, dos Santos’ long-term goal is to once again reclaim the heavyweight championship, but that may be difficult for him to accomplish if current title challengers are selected in the manner the future opponent for Daniel Cormier was selected. dos Santos would love it if he could share the Octagon with a fighter like Daniel Cormier, but the same cannot be said of the next challenger for the world title (Transcript via MMA Fighting):

“He’s incredible,” dos Santos told Submission Radio about Daniel Cormier (h/t Submission Radio). “He’s an amazing athlete. He’s doing some amazing things in his career. I think it would be very good for me — actually for anyone — to fight someone like him. I don’t know what’s happening right now. I think he wants to fight Brock Lesnar or something, it doesn’t make any sense for me. I don’t really care. If the UFC wants to make that happen, that’s fine.”

“Even because he doesn’t deserve to fight for the title,” dos Santos continued. “He has no record for that. Also, because, man, he was out because USADA took him out. Not because he wants. USADA took him out and now he’s gonna come back and fight for the title. If MMA is a sport, a real sport, it doesn’t make any sense.”

And it is not just the selection of Brock Lesnar that Junior dos Santos does not understand, but also why it is Brock Lesnar is a draw to begin with:

“The way I understand is that’s what Daniel Cormier wants to do to make money,” dos Santos said. “So somehow, people want to see that, because if they pay to see that it’s gonna be interesting for the UFC, of course. Somehow, Brock Lesnar sells. Somehow they want to see him fighting. I don’t know why. Why? Because he says stupid things? Because he’s a big guy who says stupid things? It doesn’t really make much sense for me.”

Do you agree with Junior dos Santos? Does Brock Lesnar drawing power not make sense?

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