Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Kamaru Usman Says It’s Title Shot or Bust After TUF 28 Finale

Kamaru Usman has patiently waited for his moment to be the unquestioned #1 contender, and the questions are now next to nil regarding whether or not Usman’s next fight will be for the welterweight title after a dominant unanimous decision over Rafael dos Anjos in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale: (Transcript via MMAjunkie)

“I wish I had inside info, but it doesn’t matter,” Usman said. “I staked the claim that I was next in line, so if what’s his name, Queefington, isn’t stepping up to fight – which he hasn’t stepped up before, and he ducked it – if he doesn’t step up, I’m stepping up.

“Tyron knows I’m not going anywhere. I’m next in line. He knows I’m the threat to that throne, so it doesn’t matter. Whenever Dana calls, I’ll be right there, ready to answer.”

After being put on tap as a replacement option for Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till at UFC 228, one thing Kamaru Usman made clear is that if he does fight for the title next, it won’t be as a replacement fighter.

“(Expletive) that – not going down,” Usman said of the prospect of being a back-up fighter for Woodley/Covington. “Each and every time we do something like this, and we go though a camp, that’s what really takes life off of your career. The damage is not necessarily done in the fight. It’s done in camp – all that rigorous training, putting your body through that and dieting and doing everything the right way.”

Rejecting the idea of being a backup fighter is the only caveat to Usman’s title shot stipulations, as he is open to challenging Tyron Woodley any time, any place:

“I’ll be ready next week if they need me,” Usman said. “I’ll just go in there, jump in the hot tub, ice whatever I need to ice, and I’ll be ready next week. It doesn’t matter – they call, I’ll be ready.

“God has a plan, and all I have to do is be patient, and my time will come. And when that time comes, when that opportunity knocks, I’m going to kick that (expletive) door down, for sure.”

Do you believe Kamaru Usman should face Tyron Woodley next instead of Colby Covington?

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