Monday, August 15, 2022

PFL 11’s Kayla Harrison: ‘I’m The New Generation, I’m The New Era’

Kayla Harrison wants to put the women’s 155-pound division on her back and prove it’s viable in mixed martial arts.

On New Year’s eve, Harrison will meet Moriel Charneski in her third professional MMA bout. While Harrison hasn’t been a part of the Professional Fighters League’s (PFL) season one tournament, PFL plans to have a women’s 155-pound division where the athletes will get to compete for the ultimate prize of lightweight gold and $1 million.

Kayla Harrison Opens Up Following Workout

Harrison spoke to MMA News following her open workout session. She explained why she brought some volunteers up to learn judo with her during the session:

“Part of being an elite athlete, part of being a professional is to share your knowledge with the world. I’m technically a six-degree black belt in judo, once you reach that degree it means you’re no longer a competitor you’re now a teacher. So for me it’s all about sharing my knowledge, spreading joy and I don’t know any better way of doing that than throwing people.”

Harrison went on to address Charneski as an opponent:

“You know she’s a tough opponent, she’s game. She’s never been finished, she has more experience than me, she’s had seven fights. That just shows me that she’s tough, but my goal is I want to win first round by TKO, KO, or submission. I want to be the first to finish her. I want to end the year with a bang.”

Finally, Harrison addressed the elephant in the room. That being her claim that she’s the baddest woman on the planet at the pre-fight press conference as well as the future of the 155-pound division for women:

“Absolutely. Listen, I’m very young in my career this is only my third fight. If you look at the fighters who are in the talks of the greatest of all time, they’ve all had 10 times the amount of fights that I’ve had. Everyday this sport is growing, everyday this sport is changing and evolving. I’m the new generation, I’m the new era. So welcome to a new era of mixed martial arts.”

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