Thursday, August 18, 2022

UFC’s Matt Brown Hopes Gym Success Can Close Book On MMA Career

Matt Brown wants his gym to take off so he can finally walk away from mixed martial arts competition.

Brown has been viewed by many fans and analysts as a warrior. While the 21-16 record may not be a pretty sight on paper, “The Immortal” has shown that numbers don’t always tell the full story. Having fought the likes of Robbie Lawler, Stephen Thompson, Donald Cerrone, and Demian Maia to name a few, Brown has been praised for his toughness in victory and defeat. At the age of 37, going on 38 next month, Brown realizes that he can’t compete in MMA forever.

Matt Brown Hopes For An Exit Through His Gym

After suffering from an injury, Brown was able to focus on getting his Immortal Center gym up and running in Columbus, Ohio. Speaking to, Brown said he hopes the gym can lead to his retirement:

“With this gym, we have been coming along so well, we have been building it so quickly. I’m hoping with this gym I won’t have to fight. Hopefully, I can make a better decision because it is not based on want to, it is because I need to. I don’t really know anything else, so with this, I have something else. Ideally, that will be a long-term, sustainable financial thing and then I can make my own decision. Not based on emotion or not based on finances and actually make sure I have a desire to get back in there and fight.”

If Matt Brown decides to hang up his gloves, which bout of his will you remember the most?

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