Tuesday, October 4, 2022

JacksonWink MMA & ATT Instagrams Disabled For UFC Copyright Violations

Two of the biggest gyms in mixed martial arts (MMA) history, JacksonWink MMA and American Top Team (ATT), are going through issues with UFC copyright violations. Their respective Instagram accounts have been disabled for such issues. Both gyms often posted photos and footage of their fighters competing inside the Octagon. Over the years JacksonWink and ATT have produced several top UFC stars and champions.

It’s only natural some of those photos and videos would be from UFC fights. However, the UFC sees this as a copyright violation. In turn, both gyms’ Instagrams have been disabled. ATT took to Twitter to comment on the situation:

“Please help. Our acct. has been disabled for the past week for posting content. We received 1 warning and never were given an email w/ official explanation or claim tix. We’ve always posted about our fighters and promoted the ufc events. Any help is appreciated.”

ATT’s Tweet caught the attention of JacksonWink, who responded on Twitter and acknowledged they’re having the same issue:

“Hey us too! Let’s work together and make Instagram great again!”

Hopefully, these gyms can get their social media pages back up and running again soon.

What do you think about JacksonWink and ATT’s Instagrams being disabled for UFC copyright violations?

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