Thursday, August 18, 2022

Michael Bisping Refuses to Believe Jon Jones Is “That Stupid”

Michael Bisping has long been one of the more vocal advocates against doping in the sport of mixed martial arts. He has historically been among the first to step forward and articulate how dangerous PED use is in the sport of mixed martial arts. Bisping has even been on record in saying that he believed Jon Jones should be banned for life after Jon Jones popped last year following his UFC 214 bout against Daniel Cormier. One year and an “atypical” drug test later, Michael Bisping has changed his tone on Jon Jones and is now coming to his defense in a recent edition of his “Believe You Me” podcast:

“Honestly, after everything that happened, after everything Jon Jones went through, after all the mud that was thrown at him, all the ammunition that was given to DC, even after Jon Jones knocked DC out, I just…I refuse to believe that Jon Jones is that stupid, that arrogant, and that much of a cheat. If he is, then it’s mindblowing.”

Aside from the implausibility of one human being so foolish to risk failing yet another drug test upon his return, Bisping would also invoke the scientists that have vindicated Jon Jones:

“And of course, the science that I’m reading and that everyone’s seeing online does tend to lend itself to what the UFC is saying and what the athletic commissions are saying. So if you take that at face value and for what it’s worth, then he wasn’t cheating.”

Michael Bisping would then conclude by summarizing his main point: no human being could be as brash and stupid to put himself in this position once again:

“I just don’t think, a human being after testing positive so many times and this being his comeback fight…for him to test positive again is crazy. And there is a good excuse, a very plausible excuse that explains it all.

“So realistically, I understand the human emotion side of it. I understand that people think that he is a cheat and a proven cheat and all the rest of it, but if you look at the facts, I think Jon should get a pass on this one.”

Do you agree with Michael Bisping’s take on the Jon Jones UFC 232 fiasco? Should Jones be given a pass on this one?

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