Friday, August 19, 2022

Paige VanZant Says Rachael Ostovich Shows Mental Toughness For Staying On UFC Brooklyn Card

Paige VanZant believes Rachael Ostovich has shown her mental toughness now more than ever.

On Jan. 19, VanZant and Ostovich will collide on the UFC Brooklyn card. This will be the UFC’s debut on ESPN+. While a fight alone can challenge someone’s mental strength, Ostovich is the victim of an alleged domestic violence attack from her husband. The fight was initially called off, but Ostovich got a second opinion and was cleared to compete.

PVZ Talks Rachael Ostovich’s Mental Toughness

VanZant recently spoke to For “12 Gauge,” Ostovich’s ability to remain on the card says a lot about her:

“Of course, I don’t know all the details of what happened, I just knew a little bit. But I know that when she did come back and say, ‘I want to fight anyway,’ it gave me an alert, like ‘Hey, this girl is really tough.’ So I know I’m fighting somebody that’s very strong and very mentally strong, because she’s gonna go in there and fight after going through some extreme trauma like this. It just tells me that I’ve gotta be ready for the fight and be ready for somebody to come out there and have a lot to fight for.”

Do you think Rachael Ostovich should’ve taken more time to heal?

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