Tuesday, July 5, 2022

UFC Welterweight Sean Strickland Injured In Motorcycle Accident

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Sean Strickland is in the hospital as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Strickland didn’t give much details into the accident, but he did say it wasn’t his fault. The UFC welterweight was on his way to Kings MMA when he said a car pull out in front of him. “Tarzan” ended up having to undergo knee surgery, but it looks like he has walked away without suffering any permanent damage to his body.

Sean Strickland Talks About Motorcycle Accident

Strickland took to Instagram to post the following update:


“Update, I think I was going straight and a car turned out in front of me. I got in an accident going 45 miles per hour. I was unconscious for about three hours. I got knee surgery last night. The doctor said it’s not that bad, so I should be back at it in a few months. Anyways, I got a lot of messages from you guys saying to come see me man. I appreciate it, you guys are all great. I’m a little drugged up right now, but thanks.”

And here’s his caption on Instagram in case the post doesn’t load:

“You guys are amazing thank you for all the messages!!! The morphine has been keeping me asleep lol!! Once again thank you all for everything!!!”

Strickland was last seen in action back in October. He defeated Nordine Taleb via unanimous decision. Earlier this year, fellow UFC fighter Vinc Pichel was also involved in a motorcycle accident. MMA News wishes Strickland the best in his recovery.

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