Sunday, October 2, 2022

Tai Tuivasa and JDS Become Cuddle Buddies Ahead of UFC Adelaide

In a matter of hours, Junior dos Santos and Tai Tuivasa will do battle in the main event of UFC Adelaide, and they will do so with zero animosity between them. In fact, they will do so as buddies…and not just any variation of buddies, but one of the highest levels of buddydom there is: the sacred cuddle buddies.

In the photo, Junior dos Santos and Tai Tuivasa can be shown with a baby kangaroo as one big happy family. Sure, all families fight. Granted, not usually with 4 ounce gloves with the goal of rendering their family member unconscious, but fight they do and fight dos Santos and Tuivasa will. But the great thing about this sport is the sportsmanship and camaraderie between the fighters Tuivasa believes:

“This is a lovely sport MMA. One day you could be cuddle buddies the next be punching the cunt out of each other. Like I’ve said, JDS left a great impression on me yesterday by embracing my culture but we gotta go to work and Sunday is going to be exactly that. This is gunna be a fukin banger so make sure you tune in cause this might not last long.”

Junior dos Santos concurs that the fans who view his UFC Adelaide main event against Tai Tuivasa will be in for a treat:

“I foresee a great fight, to excite the crowd,” dos Santos told MMAjunkie. “We’re both strikers, two heavyweight who love to stand and bang, so it will be a great show for those watching. I had a great camp at ATT and I feel prepared and motivated. I’m in his home country, in enemy territory, and that pumps me up to do my best. I want to start off strong in the first round to find the perfect path and knock him out in the second or third round.”

Who do you think will win tonight in the battle of the cuddle buddies? Junior dos Santos or Tai Tuivasa?

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