Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tito Ortiz Responds To Chael Sonnen: ‘You Want Me To Kick Your Ass Again?’

Tito Ortiz has retired once again, but it sounds like he’d entertain yet another fight.

Ortiz is coming off a first-round knockout victory over Chuck Liddell in their third encounter. “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” had retired after submitting Chael Sonnen back in Jan. 2017, but he returned for one last shot at defeating Liddell. While Ortiz accomplished his goal, he may not be done competing.

Tito Ortiz Warns Chael Sonnen

Ahead of Ortiz-Liddell III, Sonnen had a lot of unfavorable things to say about both men. Here are just some of his tweets:

Needless to say, Ortiz was not amused. He took to Twitter and fired back at “The American Gangster:”

“[Chael Sonnen], so you want me to kick your ass again? This time I’m not going to choke you out. I’m going to beat you down. Or are just infatuated by the way I live?”

Sonnen hasn’t let up his insults towards Ortiz. He mocked Ortiz for thinking he won a relevant fight with millions watching as they did for his first two bouts with Liddell. At the moment, Sonnen appears to be loyal to Bellator while Ortiz recently had a meeting scheduled with Golden Boy MMA and appears to have a hand in decision-making. If a rematch between these two were to occur, it may have to be done through cross-promotion. With De La Hoya’s strong ties to DAZN, which also airs Bellator bouts it may not be far fetched.

Do you have any interest in seeing Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen II?

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