Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tyron Woodley and Nick Diaz Share Mutual Disrespect

Tyron Woodley has never been shy about his desire to compete in a “money fight,” and one of the names that has popped up on several occasions is that of Nick Diaz. Woodley has recently put an end to calling for such fights, citing criticism from fans:

“I’m done,” Tyron Woodley said at a press event prior to UFC 228 when asked about calling out fighters. “I’m done. My goal is always beating and dominating who’s in front of me. I’ll let you guys decide who that is, because any time I’ve ever taken to speaking about how I want to fight, it’s never taken the right way. My goal and the way I am going to become the greatest of all-time, is dominating, and annihilating whoever is in front of me, whoever that is.”

Tyron Woodley would indeed go on to dominate his next opponent, Darren Till, in the main event of UFC 228, stopping Till in the second round. And next in line appears to be Kamaru Usman, who posted a bout agreement that Usman signed to face Woodley in an upcoming event. Or it could still be Colby Covington, who has been considered Woodley’s next title defense on multiple occasions, beginning when Covington won the interim welterweight title at UFC 225. Sunday evening, however, a familiar welterweight has emerged from the shadows to utter Woodley’s name in quite the irreverent manner:

“I’ll walk through Woodley,” Diaz told ESPN Sunday evening. “He knows it. I didn’t need to say [in response to him]. That man has a life. I fight for one, like I always have.”

Tyron Woodley got wind of these comments and immediately responded via Twitter:

“I’ll fuck Nick up and the world knows it. He punch drunk and washed up.”

How do you believe a Tyron Woodley vs. Nick Diaz bout would play out?

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