Sunday, September 25, 2022

Woodley Offers Covington Interesting Wager For Pending Title Fight

It has yet to be determined who will challenge Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title next. It was believed that former interim champion Colby Covington would get that honor. However, the UFC hasn’t made anything official as of this writing. Over the weekend, Kamaru Usman emerged as a strong candidate after his victory over Rafael dos Anjos. Even UFC President Dana White said that’s the fight he’d like to see next for Woodley.

But Woodley has some personal beef he wants to settle with Covington, and getting him in the Octagon seems to be the ideal next move for “T-Wood.” Speaking on “The Hollywood Beatdown” recently, Woodley offered Covington an interesting wager for their potential fight. Woodley said he believes Covington will immediately attempt to take him down when they’re locked in the cage.

Not-So-Friendly Wager

Furthermore, he doesn’t think “Chaos” has any interest in trading strikes with him. He then offered Covington a very interesting wager (via Bloody Elbow):

“He is going to try and come in close, grab the clinch, takedown,” Woodley said. “I promise you, he will not try and stand up with me. I bet you 10 thousand dollars everytime you touch my leg for a shot you got to pay me 10 grand. He might not even take me down.

“I want the people to see what it is for what it is. You want to see these hands. He wants to try and outwrestle me and he can’t even do that. I am challenging you, no wrestling. You touch my leg it is 10 bands.

“If I touch your leg I’ll give you 20 grand. So, every time you go for my leg you gotta pay me 10 grand, every time I go for yours it is 20 grand.”

Do you think either man will initiate wrestling when they share the Octagon?

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