Sunday, August 7, 2022

Alexander Hernandez Blatantly Disrespects Donald Cerrone to His Face

Tomorrow night at UFC Brooklyn, Alexander Hernandez will have the biggest test of his young UFC career when he takes on the man with the most walks in UFC history, Donald Cerrone. Donald Cerrone has never been one to shy away from a fight and, in this case, that openness has lead to Hernandez being provided a major opportunity. At the UFC Brooklyn pre-fight press conference Thursday, Hernandez expressed gratitude to Cerrone followed by wanton disrespect. (Transcript via MMA Fighting)

“First, I’m grateful to Cowboy for taking the fight, maybe against his better judgement,” Hernandez begain. “But, you know, I’m not drawn in by the promotion, the city, even his image or persona or anything. It’s just another day. For me, standing across from Cowboy, I’m looking through the fighter. I’m looking at the man. I think the persona and everything is a big distraction. I just see myself facing an insecure little lad, swinging on a pop gun with a feather in his hat.”

As one of the most revered fighters on the UFC roster, it is not often that someone, especially a relative newcomer, takes aim at Cowboy in such a brash manner, which led to Hernandez being asked whether he even holds any respect for the legend.

“Sure, I respect Donald,” Hernandez responded. “It was a cool come up and everything. But, there’s a difference between seeing someone on the screen and seeing someone stand across from you. There will be none of that respect held. I won’t respect his space, I won’t respect the air he’s breathing, I’m going to press and break him in the Octagon. It’s a completely different world now.”

Alexander Hernandez would then directly address Donald Cerone, who was in midsentence prior to the following blow:

“You’re a jester in the way,” Hernandez said, interrupting Cerrone. “You’re an active participant. You’re concerned with entertaining people, I am on the road to the throne. I’m concerned with kingship and you’re a jester. You’re a stepping stone.”

Do you believe Alexander Hernandez is writing checks with his mouth that he won’t be able to cash at UFC Brooklyn?

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