Friday, August 12, 2022

Allen Crowder Names Price for a Greg Hardy Rematch

The most controversial bout heading into UFC Brooklyn was Greg Hardy’s promotional debut against Allen Crowder. With Greg Hardy’s history of domestic violence, his name will perhaps always carry a degree of controversy, but when the UFC placed him on the same card as Rachael Ostovich, who was recently involved in a domestic violence issue, then placed the  3-0 Hardy the co-main event slot, even more attention was drawn on Hardy than he was already garnering since being signed with the promotion.

It is only fitting that the controversy would continue into the bout, where Hardy landed an illegal knee to a downed Allen Crowder and earned his first loss of his career via disqualification. There have been rumblings of a potential rematch between the two taking place, and in an appearance on MMA Tonight on Sirius XM, Crowder addressed what it would take to for him to give Greg Hardy a second chance:

“I mean, the ending is controversial. And if they’re willing to pay me some money, I’m willing to do the rematch for sure.

“If the money’s right, money talks, you know what I mean? I got three little kids I want to put through college. I got bills to pay.”

Allen Crowder would then provide a specific number for what it would take for him to step into the cage with Greg Hardy once again.

“I’d like $100,000, honestly,” Crowder said. “That’s not that much compared to a lot of UFC fighters, but it’s a lot compared to what I normally make. So I’d be down for $100,00 to do it for sure.”

Do you believe Allen Crowder’s request of $100,000 for a Greg Hardy fight is fair?

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