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Anthony Smith on Jon Jones’ Latest Drug Testing Issue: ‘I Truly Don’t Care’

Anthony Smith shot down any potential fiery response to the latest Jon Jones’ drug testing situation after one of his tests surrounding UFC 232 showed trace amounts of steroids still in his system.

Jon Jones may have a steroid metabolite in his system for years to come and his next opponent couldn’t care less about it.

That’s the message from Anthony Smith in the wake of the latest drug tests returned from Jones following his win over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 this past December.

On Wednesday it was revealed that a pre-fight drug test administered by VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency) showed trace elements of a metabolite of Turinabol — an anabolic steroid — in Jones’ system.

This same issue came up prior to his fight with Gustafsson after USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) had several adverse drug tests returned showing trace amounts of the same metabolite in Jones’ body.

Jones had previously been suspended for 15 months after he tested positive for Turinabol following his knockout win over Daniel Cormier in 2017.

Scientists at USADA as well as the independent laboratory testing the samples concluded that Jones had not ingested the banned substance a second time but rather this was a ‘pulsing’ effect, which means residual amounts of the drug could still be lingering inside his body.

The only studies into Turinabol have concluded that the long term metabolite used to identify the drug in the human body should only show up at most 50 days past ingestion. Unfortunately, additional peer reviewed studies into Turinabol have never been done because the drug is illegal.

So the experts are offering their best possible explanation as to why the drug is still showing up in Jones’ body in such miniscule amounts. That conclusion is there is no telling how long those metabolites might still show up in his body.

Regardless of the latest findngs of the drug test, Smith isn’t going to use that as an excuse or as a weapon to hammer Jones with ahead of their scheduled fight at UFC 235 on March 2.

Smith has previously said he believes Jones is a cheater but that he would still happily fight him no matter what the drugs are pulsing through his veins before they step into the Octagon together. He reiterated that same statement when responding to these latest drug test results.

“If you’re hitting me up about this, don’t,” Smith said on Twitter. “I truly don’t care. “Picograms, no picograms, Olympic sized swimming pools, grains of salt — I couldn’t care any less.

“I signed on the line and did it knowing what I was signing up for and with no expectations. I’m good, y’all.”

Smith has been anxiously awaiting his chance to face Jones after earning three victories in a row in the light heavyweight division in 2018.

Most recently, Smith dispatched former title contender Volkan Oezdemir to secure his place in the top five rankings and now he’ll get his shot at Jones and the title on March 2 in Las Vegas.

Before the fight can be made official, however, Jones has to appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission next Tuesday, Jan. 29 to answer questions about his previous positive drug tests before he can be licensed in the state.

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