Friday, August 19, 2022

Michael Bisping Comments On Jon Jones’ Clean UFC 232 Drug Test Results

Michael Bisping doesn’t appear to be sold on Jon Jones‘ clean drug tests.

Jones has been under the microscope due to prior failed drug tests and the UFC 232 situation. A trace amount of turinabol was found in Jones’ system ahead of UFC 232, which is the same substance he popped for at UFC 214. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) deemed this to be a pulsing effect. Still, UFC 232 had to be moved to California as the Nevada State Athletic Commission wouldn’t clear Jones to compete in Las Vegas.

Bisping Still Skeptical Of Jones’ Situation

Jones’ post-UFC 232 drug tests ended up coming back clean. “Bones” recaptured the UFC light heavyweight title by dusting Alexander Gustafsson in the third round. On his “Believe You Me” podcast, Bisping admitted he is a not skeptical (via

“So Jon Jones passed his post-fight drug test, which was the question that I asked him which pissed him off which led to him being kind of annoyed with me on the post-fight show. I don’t want to turn this into Michael Bisping sh*tting on Jon Jones because he’s a legendary fighter – he was the youngest ever champion in the UFC. But to me – and I don’t know the science, I’m speaking purely from the standpoint that this is a fair question to ask – the narrative as to why he failed the drug test and failed multiple drug tests in August, September, and December, is that these metabolites from the turinabol were in his system from years ago and they could still be there for years and then all of a sudden he tests positive and then it’s brought to the forefront – Devil’s advocate, you would have to be f*cking stupid to continue microdosing – then all of a sudden, voila, the next time he gets tested it is out of his system. I don’t know. I’m not saying that is the reality, I’m just saying that is the first thing that I thought and I’d be lying if I didn’t say so. . .”

Are you skeptical of Jon Jones’ drug testing, or do you think “Bones” is a clean fighter?

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