Friday, August 19, 2022

Brad Tavares Talks Recovering From Broken Arm

Brad Tavares hasn’t had it easy with his broken arm.

Tavares took on Israel Adesanya back in July. Adesanya turned in a one-sided performance, stuffing Tavares’ takedowns and having his way in the standup leading to a unanimous decision win. Tavares eventually found out that he broke his arm during the fight.

Brad Tavares Speaks On Suffering Broken Arm

Tavares was recently a guest on MMAJunkie Radio. During his appearance, Tavares talked about realizing he had an arm injury:

“I broke the arm in the fight somewhere, I don’t know. They sent me to the ER to go stitch up my eye, I had a huge cut. While I’m sitting there, my arm swells up, and after that post-fight adrenaline dump you start feeling things. It doesn’t hurt; it’s just throbbing a little bit. I’m like, ‘While I’m here, while it’s covered under UFC’s insurance, I might as well get the (X-ray) just to be safe.’ I get the image, the guy is like, ‘Your arm is fractured, but the good news is it’s still in line, it hasn’t moved, so we’re going to put a splint.’”

Tavares went on to say that a doctor initially wanted him to undergo surgery, as his progress wasn’t satisfactory. Tavares went with differing opinions, which didn’t serve him well. A CT scan revealed Tavares had a broken arm for three months and he finally decided to undergo surgery.

Do you expect Brad Tavares to have success upon his return?

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