Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Chael Sonnen Says Tenshin Nasukawa ‘Did The Job’ For Floyd Mayweather

Chael Sonnen is of the belief that Tenshin Nasukawa took a dive.

On New Year’s Eve, 20-year old kickboxing phenom Nasukawa did battle with Floyd Mayweather. The exhibition boxing match headlined RIZIN 14. Mayweather won the bout in the first round after multiple knockdowns caused Nasukawa’s corner to throw in the towel. Many have been quick to say that the fight was fixed. Our own Adam Martin disagrees with that stance.

Chael Sonnen Talks RIZIN 14 Exhibition Bout

Sonnen recently posted a new video on his YouTube channel. Sonnen had thought that RIZIN was luring Mayweather into a trap and that he’d be robbed of a decision. He went on to say he believes the script flipped:

“We all tried to be the smart marks in the room. We were trying to make the prediction based on logic. What happened was so many people started to catch on. So many people wanted to be able to predict the outcome that they then double crossed the double cross and they made the Japanese guy do the job. So this thing was really weird.”

The bout won’t be going on Mayweather’s or Nasukawa’s record as it was an exhibition. Whether the bout was fixed or not, many are questioning RIZIN’s logic in having their top star compete outside of his wheelhouse against an aging boxing Hall of Famer from the United States.

Do you think Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa was fixed? 

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