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Colby Covington Says Tyron Woodley Will ‘Walk Through’ Kamaru Usman at UFC 235

Colby Covington may not be the biggest Tyron Woodley fan but he says the welterweight champion will have an easy night’s work against Kamaru Usman

Colby Covington doesn’t agree with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley about much but he seems to share the same opinion with him on at least one subject.

While Covington knows he should be the person facing Woodley at UFC 235 in March, the contender vying for the title will be former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner Kamaru Usman, who comes in with a nine-fight win streak while remaining undefeated inside the Octagon.

Usman has stated numerous times that he believes he is the best welterweight in the sport and he’s just been waiting for his chance to prove it.

Usman will get his opportunity at UFC 235 but for as much as Covington despises Woodley, he still believes the welterweight champion will have an easy night while facing the upstart contender from Nigeria.

“There’s no chance Usman beats him,” Covington said when asked about the fight.  “I’d bet every dollar on it. Look at his career. He hasn’t even beat a guy coming off a win in the top 10. Both of his wins in the top 10 are guys I left f—king bloodied and beaten and souls taken. Those guys don’t have anything left in the tank because of what I did to them. He hasn’t beat anybody that’s legit.

“Woodley’s going to walk through him but even when that happens I still don’t think the fight is going to happen [with me].”

“There’s no chance Usman beats him. I’d bet every dollar on it” ~ Colby Covington on Woodley vs. Usman at UFC 235

Once training partners at American Top Team, Woodley and Covington have transformed into one of the most volatile rivalries in the UFC in recent history yet they still have never had the chance to settle the score in the cage.

Woodley has stated that a win over Usman in March would then hopefully allow him to face Covington this summer but don’t be surprised that the former interim champion is skeptical about that scenario.

Covington may believe that Woodley will maul Usman in March but he still doesn’t buy that “The Chosen One” will ever actually want to fight him in the future.

“Woodley is going to delay it longer, he’s going to say he has fake injuries and the UFC is just going to move on,” Covington said. “Somebody else is going to be there. There will be another guy in the division who will get to fight.

“I honestly don’t think the fight is ever going to happen.”

One of the reasons why Covington’s rivalry with Woodley has grown so heated over the past two years is because of their shared history together on the mats.

Covington has said dozens of times that he got the better of Woodley in training but obviously the welterweight champion has disputed those accounts.

For his part, Covington says deep down Woodley knows the truth and if they never get to fight in the UFC, he’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his career.

“Ever since I whooped his ass in the gym, he doesn’t want to fight me, plain and simple,” Covington said. “I can know the rest of my life that I beat his ass in the gym and I’m a better fighter than him. I don’t need to prove anything. He has something to prove to me. I f–king took his soul the last time we were in the gym so I’ve got nothing to prove to Tyron Woodley.

“He’s my little b–ch and he knows it.”

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