Friday, August 19, 2022

Dana White Accepts Oscar De La Hoya’s Fight Challenge, with a Catch

UFC President Dana White has accepted Oscar De La Hoya's recent fight challenge, but with a catch.

It’s clear that UFC President Dana White and Golden Boy Promotions’ Oscar De La Hoya do not like each other. In fact, De La Hoya recently challenged the UFC boss to a fight inside the boxing ring. De La Hoya suggested the two promoters go three rounds on one of Canelo Alvarez’s cards. Most likely, the upcoming Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs middleweight title unification bout in May.

However, it looks like Dana White has other ideas. White hadn’t really responded to De La Hoya’s challenge until a recent interview on ESPN’s “Now or Never.” White said he’d fight De La Hoya, but not in boxing. Instead, he said the fight would have to take place inside the cage under mixed martial arts (MMA) rules (via

“Listen Oscar called me out,” White said. “He’s an idiot. When you’re a moron like he is, you have to fight. Yeah I’ll fight Oscar De La Hoya.

“Not boxing though. Not boxing. Normally when these types of challenges go out, I say ‘I’ll box him.’ I’m not boxing Oscar De La Hoya.”

It’s unlikely that De La Hoya would ever accept such an offer. However, White may come around to the idea of boxing against the Mexican star. He was once preparing for a boxing fight with former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz several years ago, before the fight was ultimately canceled.

What do you think about White’s proposal to fight De La Hoya in MMA?

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