Tuesday, October 4, 2022

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Threatens To Take Henry Cejudo’s UFC Title

Current WWE Champion Daniel Bryan threatens to take Henry Cejudo's UFC flyweight championship in a recent interview.

Henry Cejudo has suddenly found himself in the middle of the WWE world. Shortly after his recent flyweight title defense over TJ Dillashaw, Cejudo revealed he has a crush on WWE star Nikki Bella. Bella then responded to Cejudo’s offer to date her, to which she accepted and said she’d like to train with the 125-pound champ as well. Now, Bella’s brother-in-law, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, has interjected.

Bryan is married to Bella’s twin sister, Brie. He wasn’t too happy with the ongoing flirtation between Nikki and Cejudo. Speaking to ABC Sports to promote last night’s (Sun. January 27, 2019) Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV), Bryan had this to say about Cejudo (via MMA Mania):

“There [are] a lot of people who want to think that they’re the best – lots of them, but guess what? Not a single one of those people are Daniel Bryan,” said Bryan. “There [are] a lot of people that go around and they hold championship titles and they think they’re so tough, and they think that they’re this, and they think that they’re that.

“None of them are Daniel Bryan. Henry Cejudo, a Valley resident, who just defended his UFC championship last Saturday, wants to go out on a date with my sister-in-law. Guess what?

“Henry Cejudo, you’re not the man that Daniel Bryan is. You fight Daniel Bryan, you go down every time. That’s why I’m the best.”

Cejudo responded to Bryan’s comments, threatening to go to WWE and take Bryan’s belt away from him:

there’s enough room in The Valley for a King and a Prince. As Prince, you should know your role & make sure you pour my Bella Radici wine to the rim. PS. Don’t get too attached to that belt, I am on a bit of a roll myself.

Bryan fired back by saying he could drop down to 125 pounds and take Cejudo’s belt away faster than he beat Dillashaw:

“Watch your mouth, boy, or after I beat AJ at , I’ll drop down to 125 and come tap you faster than you ko’d Dillashaw. P.S. Drinking Bella Radici is the closest you’ll ever get to my sister-in-law

What do you think about the back-and-forth between Bryan and Cejudo?

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