Friday, August 19, 2022

Daniel Cormier Wants Stipe Next, Not Jones, If Lesnar Fight Collapses

The return of Jon Jones changes absolutely nothing for Daniel Cormier’s short-term plans. Cormier has been on record saying that he would opt to face Brock Lesnar over Jon Jones, as he estimates a Brock Lesnar fight would be a bigger payday. He has also said that should something go wrong and the Lesnar fight falls through, he would grant Stipe Miocic a rematch.

Stipe Miocic has been on a rampage in his pursuit of that elusive rematch, having his eyes set on a title fight and only a title fight after breaking the record for most consecutive heavyweight title defenses (3). Miocic still has Brock Lesnar to worry about standing in his way of a rematch, but not Jon Jones, Cormier says (Transcript via MMA Fighting):

“As of right now with the Lesnar thing, that’s kinda still up in the air,” Cormier told The MMA Hour on Monday. “Or, if he doesn’t fight, then I’ll fight Stipe Miocic.”

This is not something Daniel Cormier is only telling the media and fans. The heavyweight champion claims to have gone straight to the top with these plans:

“I talked to the boss (Dana White) the other day and he’s talking to me about fights and Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones and everybody, and I said, ‘If Lesnar doesn’t go, Stipe has to be first. He deserves it, and I’ve said it from the beginning. If it ain’t Brock, I want to fight Stipe Miocic and give him what’s rightfully his, a rematch for this title.’ He’s going to get beat again, but at least he’ll get a chance to fight for that belt again.”

Daniel Cormier has the rare ability to move wherever he wants and face whomever he wants. A trilogy fight with Jon Jones is unquestionably on the table whenever he wants it, and he could also go on defending his heavyweight championship for as long as he holds it. Dana White is in no hurry for Daniel Cormier to retire, and Stipe Miocic sure isn’t, either.

If Daniel Cormier does not face Brock Lesnar next, would you rather see him face Jon Jones or Stipe Miocic next?

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