Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Darren Till Seeks Five Fights in 2019

Darren Till had two high-profile bouts in 2018, first competing against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at the UFC’s debut in Liverpool, and then facing Tyron Woodley in a title bout at UFC 228. At only 26 years old, Darren Till got a glimpse of the view from the top, and he is well aware that he has more than enough time to revisit and, ultimately, inhabit that position as a permanent resident:

“I’ve moved fast and I’m still not in my prime,” Till said in an interview with MTK Global. ” I’ve got a few years to go until I’m in my prime. In MMA, you hit that around 29 or 30 and I’m 26 now.”

In his last Octagon appearance, Darren Till fell short to Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC 228. Although Darren Till did not leave the arena with gold that night, he did draw much experience and wisdom in defeat:

“As much as it was a bad end for me with the title lost, it was good in that it showed me a few things I need to change… just a few little tweaks and a few little mentalities,” Till said.  “I’m sure as hell going to do that in my next time.”

Darren Till may have been under the radar since his loss to Tyron Woodley, but you can expect that to change drastically in 2019, with Darren Till looking to be as active as possible:

“I can’t wait to fight again and really lay it on someone. Sometimes I’m in fights and I’m clever and stylish and win in a stylish way but that’s not going to be me next year – I want to fight five times.

“I want to train hard, win all my fights and become the best. I want to be the best, I really do.”

Do you believe Darren Till can earn another title shot in 2018 if he fights as many times as he looks to in 2019?

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