Sunday, August 14, 2022

Former UFC Heavyweight Stops Man’s Assault On Woman

A former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter didn’t sit idle when he saw a man assaulting a woman.

Denis Stojnic is a former UFC heavyweight who owns the Dorian Gray nightclub in Sarajevo. On Dec. 30, Stojnic saw a male follow a female outside of the nightclub. The man pulled her by the hair and assaulted her behind a car.

Dennis Stojnic Springs Into Action

The video below shows the man’s assault on the woman followed by Stojnic throwing the man to the ground and controlling him (via

Stojnic recently spoke to Crna Hronika on what transpired on that night (via

“When I saw on my video controller, a huge man even proportions physically [bigger] than me, striking a female person with a [closed fist to the head], I immediately ran out and reacted so that [she was] protected from the perpetrator. I conquered it and finally we accompanied the girl along with security to a taxi, and she did not want to report this case to the police. Unfortunately, in our country violence against women is becoming more and more [common] and my duty as a man, a citizen, and owner is that everyone in my facility feels safe, especially women.”

Stojnic went 0-2 in his UFC run, but garnered a professional mixed martial arts record of 13-3, 1 NC. He scored nine finishes in his career, five via knockout or TKO and four by way of submission.

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