Friday, August 19, 2022

Glover Teixeira Calls Out Shogun Rua for Next Fight

You would never know that Glover Teixeira had just finished vanquishing Karl Roberson moments before fielding post-fight questions from reporters backstage at UFC Brooklyn based on his eagerness to continue fighting. Glover Teixeira was able to pull out the come-from-behind victory over Karl Roberson in a fight that could have potentially been stopped. After taking some vicious strikes and ground and pound from Roberson, Teixeira kept his composure and eventually scored the arm-triangle submission victory. But Teixeira did not take any time to relish the taste of victory. His appetite for competition remains strong (Transcript via MMA Junkie)

“‘Hey, please get me a fight,’” Teixeira told reporters. “‘I’m ready to fight. I’ve been long out of this fight. My shoulder feels great and I just want to fight. Find me a fight, I don’t care who it is. If you find a King Kong, don’t even tell me who it’s going to be.’”

Glover Teixeira may not care whom he fights next, but he did have a name in mind. Next time, Teixeira would prefer to face someone with much more fight experience than Roberson, who’s professional experience is still in single digits, and also someone who is a fellow native of Brazil:

“Fighting in Brazil is my goal, especially if it could be the main event,” Teixeira said. “… And I’d love to have that fight with (Mauricio Rua) if ‘Shogun’ accepts that fight, I’d love to take that fight.”

Some fighters express a disinterest in facing compatriots. So why is Glover Teixeira going out of his way to request a fight with someone who waves the same flag? It all comes down to respect, Teixeira says:

“The way he fights, the way I fight – you know, we’re going to go in there and brawl,” Teixeira said. “‘Shogun,’ he’s a legend. We’re in this sport for this. We want to fight those guys. We want to fight the legend like Shogun. Dangerous, experienced guys. Everything, everything. He’s a legend, man. Who doesn’t want to fight ‘Shogun’?”

Do you believe Glover Teixeira vs. Shogun Rua is a fight that makes sense for both fighters?

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