Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Gustafsson’s Manager Still Feels His Fighter Can Beat Jon Jones

Alexander Gustafsson’s manager still believes “The Mauler” can best Jon Jones.

Gustafsson had a second chance to take out “Bones” in the main event of UFC 232. “The Mauler” couldn’t get the job done, in fact the rematch was rather lopsided. Gustafsson was stopped in the third round and he is now 0-3 in UFC title bouts.

Gustafsson’s Manager Sounds Off

Nima Safapour, the manager of Gustafsson, sent a statement to MMAJunkie.com. During the interview, Safapour stood firm in his stance on Jones’ history with doping:

“His results were, ‘pulsing,’ in August and September, which means he did not test negative. Does that mean he tested positive on those occasions? Those same tests results were not given to the California commission at Jon’s last hearing, nor was it given to California when he failed his test from December. Why are other fighters not having these problems? We are just supposed to believe that Jon is an innocent victim that has the worst luck in MMA history.”

He went on to say that Gustafsson still plans to reach the top of the light heavyweight mountain:

“The plan is to come back stronger than ever. The fight was the fight. We still believe 100 percent that Alex can beat Jones. Just depends on the day. Anyone can win depending on the circumstances of the fight. It was not our day, but we will come back and get the title in due time either from Jon or whoever else is holding the title at that time. Expect to see ‘The Mauler’ back in action soon.”

Do you think Alexander Gustafsson will ever capture UFC gold?

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