Thursday, August 18, 2022

Joe Rogan Reacts To Aaron Pico’s KO Loss At Bellator 214 (Video)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan saw Aaron Pico fall to Henry Corrales and he had some things to say about it.

Last night (Jan. 26), Pico went one-on-one with Henry Corrales. This was to be a stern test for Pico, but many believed that this was his chance to shine and transition from prospect to contender. At first things appeared to be going in that direction with Pico dropping Corrales with an uppercut. Corrales turned the tide in a massive way, knocking Pico out cold.

Joe Rogan Talks Aaron Pico’s KO Defeat

Rogan held a Fight Companion for Bellator 214. He was joined by Brendan Schaub, Eddie Bravo, and Bryan Callen. Rogan quickly reflected on the bout and what Pico should’ve done in the fight:

Rogan: He could’ve taken him down. Who’s gonna stop Aaron Pico from taking you down?

Bravo: He could’ve Khabib’d him all day.

Rogan: He could’ve Khabib’d him, here’s the thing. You can do all things, but if you’re standing in front of a guy all the time, if you get that guy hurt the way he got that guy hurt, if you’re objective it’s easy to be Monday morning quarterback. But objectively looking at it right now, I would say take him down. He’s hurt, take him down, smash him up and choke him. And then you take no chances.

Pico now drops to 4-2 in his professional mixed martial arts career. Despite his world-class wrestling, Pico has chosen to utilize the stand-up game in all of his MMA bouts. Pico admitted that he should go to his wrestling more often during the Bellator 214 post-fight press conference.

Do you think Aaron Pico can overcome this latest setback?

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