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Joe Rogan Wishes Jon Jones vs. ‘Rumble’ Johnson Took Place As Planned

Like many mixed martial arts fans, Joe Rogan wishes he got to see Jon Jones share the Octagon with Anthony Johnson.

Jones was set to defend the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight gold against Johnson back in May 2015. Jones was stripped of his title and suspended by the UFC following a hit-and-run incident. “Rumble” ended up facing Daniel Cormier for the vacant 205-pound gold, and Cormier won the title via submission.

Rogan Talks Fight Fans Missing Out On Jones vs. Johnson

During a recent edition of his “JRE MMA Show,” Rogan said that he had high hopes for “Bones” vs. “Rumble” (via

“I was really looking forward to that fight, Jon Jones versus Rumble. I was really looking forward to that. I wish that fight took place. But for whatever reason, Rumble couldn’t beat the best of the best. He said after he retired, in the fight when he lost to [Daniel Cormier], he goes ‘I’m just good at this.’ He goes ‘I’m not really a fighter,’ he’s like ‘I’m an athlete.’ He goes ‘I’m just really good at this.’ I’m like ‘how the f**k are you not a fighter? You smash people.’ He’s a terrifying fighter, that’s just not his thing.”

Johnson was known for his punching power. He could thwart takedown attempts with ease in the light heavyweight division when he wasn’t matched up with Cormier. Many felt he’d be a threat to Jones’ title, but we may never know just how the fight would play out.

What do you think would’ve happened had Jon Jones vs. Anthony Johnson taken place as scheduled?

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