Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Jon Jones Looks to Get UFC 214 NC Against Cormier Overturned

Jon Jones has been consistent in his belief that, in his heart of hearts, his record against Daniel Cormier is 2-0, and he would like the record to reflect that.

It was at UFC 214 that Jon Jones knocked out Daniel Cormier in the third round following a very competitive first couple of rounds between the two. Unfortunately for Jones, it was revealed soon after the event that he had failed a drug test administered shortly before his clash with Cormier. Speaking to reporters following UFC 232, Jones addressed his desire to get the result of that fight overturned from a no contest back to a victory in light of the science behind the substance found in his body and the fact that it was ruled to be an unintentional use without performance-enhancing benefits: (Transcript via Muay Thai Authority)

“In the first drug test situation with Daniel Cormier, they found a long-term metabolite in my body,” Jones said in the UFC 232 post-fight press conference. “There were no short-term metabolites being found in my body. I don’t know how long this has been in my body, but I’d eventually like to fight to get my Daniel Cormier fight overturned.”

Jon Jones believes that between the science supported by USADA and outside experts in combination with the evidence of a polygraph test he passed last year, he should be able to remove at least one of the controversial 1’s on his official record:

“I said in another interview that if I’m lying, then I pray that lord take every ounce of talent out of my body,” Jones said. “I took a polygraph test, I looked these people in the eyes and said that I have never done anything to cheat this sport, and I passed that polygraph test. I had no Jedi mind tricks to pass that polygraph test.”

Do you believe Jon Jones has any chance of having the UFC 214 no contest overturned to a victory?

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